The Whole Truth On What Is The Paleo Diet


If you are all about dieting then you have probably already heard about the Paleo or Caveman Diet. But if you still have a few more questions about it then this is the article where you can find your answers. Without any sympathies or hidden motives, I will try to answer all questions.

Let’s start by answering the basic question: what is the “Paleo Diet” term means?The name itself is a short version of Paleolithic or cavemen diet. Back in the days our ancestors were incredibly healthy and resistant because they lived in cruel time. But as time went by, humans became more and more fragile and forgot all about their natural instincts. The best answer to “What is the Paleo Diet?” is that this is a diet that offers you to consume similar products to those that were used by cavemen’s in the Paleolithic era. On your menu you can find the products that were present in the nature 2 million years ago and that are still around us today. Your mission will be to consume these products but at the same time to control yourself. The motto of the ancient humans was eating to survive, unlike ours today survive to eat. Aren’t you just a bit more interested to find out more about this diet and how you can start implementing it in your everyday life?

As you already know what is the Paleo Diet, I will tell you what you should do during your dieting period and how to get the best out of it. First of all you will eat natural products like meat, fish, vegetables, wild and naturally presented foods around you, eggs and nuts. This diet is high with animal fat and proteins and very low in carbohydrates so you will lose extra weight but still keep your muscular tissue. Those who have experience and are able to answer most of the questions about this diet claim that this diet will give you a chance to lead a healthier, fitter and disease-free life. Regular physical activity is also one of the principles of this diet because our ancestors were walking, climbing and hunting all the time unlike us.

Even though it became popular in no time and many people praised it, still there are something that you may not like. People who are vegetarians have no chance with this diet because it is very hard to live on veggies, fruits and fish (best case scenario) and forget about grainy and dairy products. Also, by trying to answer by yourself on “What is the Paleo Diet?” you will empty your wallet a bit more then you want. The products should be natural and organic so there is a great chance of them being more expensive.

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