Examples Of Paleo Diet Recipes


If you have already chosen to accept the Paleo challenge and start with your Paleo Diet, you will need to consume only Caveman foods. Lean meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are the most commonly known among Paleo foods, but you need some recipes in order to make your meals more tasty and delicious. That is why in this blog i will share some of my delicious Paleo Diet recipes, so prepare yourself for this challenge.

Enjoy Paleo Diet!

First, i will give you few ideas for making your breakfast, lunch and dinner more healthy and tasty than before, in later posts we will discuss the principles of this diet and explore a lot of new delicious recipes.

Enjoy Paleo Diet

Recipes for breakfast

If you are out of ideas and you do not know what to have for breakfast, here is one of Paleo Diet recipes which will help you to make the most delicious breakfast ever. All you need to do is to fill one cup with almond flour, get three eggs and fill one quarter of tablespoon with vanilla extract and another with cinnamon. Mix all these ingredients together and you can make the most delicious pancakes ever. You can even add some blueberries or diced apples if you want to make the pancakes even more delicious. This was just only one recipe from my list, so remember that you can make any recipe that requires only Paleo foods ingredients and all you need to do is to use your creativity in the morning.

Recipes for lunch

Wondering what to cook for lunch? Here is another idea from our Paleo Diet recipes. In order to make a delicious lunch, you will need two full cups of mushrooms, one cup of tomatoes, three rashes of bacon, three tablespoons filled with parsley, three tablespoons filled with olive oil and three garlic gloves. To make this lunch according to our paleo lifestyle, chop the mushrooms, dice the tomatoes, chop the bacon, chop the parsley and do not forget to chop the garlic. When you are done with chopping, first, preheat the grill and add the bacon and after few minutes add all other ingredients. Cook while you think you should and serve when you think it is ready.

You can also make your favorite vegetable soups if you like, and be sure to explore more Paleo Diet Recipes on our site.

Recipes for dinner

If it is time for dinner and you have no idea what to eat, here is the favorite one from my recipes. You should make your favorite green salad for dinner. Grab your favorite vegetables, chop them up and mix them together. You can even spice them up with some nuts and seeds and finally enjoy in your favorite salad. If you already had some green salad, then here is another simple recipe which is very easy to make and much easier to eat. Grab the first few fruits you see, chop them on pieces, mix the pieces in one bowl and voila… there is the most delicious fruit salad.

Now you know how to prepare some Paleo Diet recipes, so explore your creativity, add or remove few products from the recipes and enjoy your meal!

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