Healthy Paleo Diet Menu


Paleo Diet menu was created by Loren Cordain after his detailed research on human ancestors and their diet. Agricultural practices evolved in the Neolithic Age and significantly changed the human diet. According to Cordain, the prehistoric diet didn’t include grains. The industrial revolution in the past two centuries changed human nutrition even more, with the processed and artificial products and frozen food. Cordain supports a theory that these changes are to blame for many diseases of modern man, some of which are obesity, diabetes, heart disorders and cancer. He created a menu that is based on the nutrition of our human ancestors.

Paleo Diet Pyramid

The Paleo or Caveman Diet allows foods that were available to our ancestors before the agricultural development. Processed foods, grains, sugar, salt, dairy products, legumes, coffee, alcohol and every other type of food or drink that wasn’t available in the pre-Neolithic period is not allowed. Genetically and nutritionally altered food (such as potatoes) is also restricted, because it has higher content of carbohydrates. When we compare this diet to Atkins or Protein Power diet, we see that it is less restrictive because most fruits and vegetables are not limited in this menu. However, Paleo Diet is not easy to get used to, because grains and refined carbohydrates are completely prohibited. It is true that in the last century people have become sicker and sicker, and a lot of that is due to unhealthy nutrition. That is the premise paleo nutrition is based on, and we must admit that it’s quite reasonable.

What does Paleo Diet menu include?

Paleo Diet menu includes meat, poultry, fish, eggs, most of the vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds and mushrooms to your nutrition. Small portions of honey, dried fruit and natural oils are also allowed. You are not allowed to consume grains, dairy, legumes and everything else that wasn’t in the human nutrition a hundreds centuries ago. Water is the drink of choice in this diet, and all sorts of sodas, juices and milk shouldn’t be consumed.

If you want to go live in a cave and hunt for life, you can do it, but it is not what Paleo lifestyle asks you to do, this is just a specific way of eating 🙂

Here is a sample Paleo Diet menu: omelet with spinach and mushrooms for breakfast; fresh berries for snack; grilled salmon and large vegetable salad with flax oil dressing for lunch; guacamole, carrots and celery for an afternoon snack; grilled chicken, tomato salad and steamed broccoli for dinner; and baked walnut cinnamon apples for dinner. See – it’s a great menu and this diet doesn’t seem scary anymore, does it?

Pros and cons of Caveman Diet

We’ll start with the pros of Paleo Diet menu: this is a high protein diet which helps reduce the appetite and improve the function of the metabolism. Lean muscle will not be lost because of the high protein intakes. This diet emphasizes healthy foods like fruits and vegetables that provide your body with all the nutrients you need. Essential fatty acids are high with this diet, and this is also a good thing. It is proven to reduce the risk of development of different diseases and health disorders. Paleo lifestyle is not difficult to stick to, because it provides different kinds of foods that will satisfy your taste and needs. Measuring and counting is not required – how cool is that?

As for the cons of Paleo Diet menu, we would have to agree that it is quite restrictive and requires a great commitment. Many of your favorite foods won’t be allowed, and you’ll have to eat your meals without bread or pasta. It is difficult to hold on to at social occasions, because you can’t expect hosts to cook according to your needs. There is also one illogical thing in this diet – it recommends diet soda that is completely contradicts to its philosophy.

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