Paleo Diet Breakfast Tips And Ideas


When someone mentions that they heard about a new and radical diet program, what’s the first thing that goes through your mind? There are probably a lot of us who just think “uh, not this again”. And to be honest, it’s quite understandable. There are so many “new” and “natural” diets just popping up every few years that it’s getting really hard to track them all. Then there’s also the fact that many new diet programs are being commercially pushed as revolutionary, but are actually based on existing diet guidelines. All it takes is a catchy name and a few tweaks to the program. I can definitely sympathize with people who simply have enough of new diets. However, you don’t really have to keep track of new diet programs, since a lot of perfect diets are already available. Today, we’re going to take a look at one of them, the Paleo Diet, and we’ll also squeeze in a few Paleo Diet breakfast ideas.

History of Paleo Diet

Before we touch upon actual breakfast ideas, it would be wise to tell about the diet itself. Basically, the Paleolithic Diet has its roots in ancient history. And when we say ancient, we really mean ancient. This diet is based on the diet of our ancestors from the Paleolithic age. Our modern food preferences differ greatly from that ancient time, so a Paleo breakfast is quite different than your standard breakfast, at least when regarding nutritional values. The Caveman Diet gained popularity in the 1990’s, with the idea that our primitive ancestors were simply more resilient and stronger due to their diet. Unlike modern carbohydrate based eating habits, this nutrition offers reduced carbohydrate and increased fat and protein intake. Put simply, you won’t be eating bread for Paleo Diet breakfast, but you’ll be eating a lot of food that should make you stronger.

Simple Paleo breakfast

Ideas for Paleo Diet breakfast

A typical breakfast can be as complicated or as simple as you make it. For example, eggs can be used for both standard and Paleo Diet breakfast ideas. Basically, a breakfast should contain Paleo foods that were available for our ancestors during the Paleolithic age. And when you think about it, there were no granaries during the Paleolithic. No bread, no pasta, no foods that contained extremely high levels of sugar like we have today. No dairy products (except natural milk, but our ancestors didn’t really milk cows back then). A typical Paleo lifestyle takes you back in time, to an era where hunter-gatherers lived off of Nature in tribes. And they were definitely stronger than most of us are now. On this blog you can find a lot of examples.

Health benefits

A Paleo Diet breakfast will make you feel like you’re bursting with energy. Carbohydrates and sugar can make us feel sluggish at times, while an injection of proteins means you are ready for anything the day might throw at you. Also you will have a reduced risk of cancer, blood pressure issues, heart and vein (cardiovascular) diseases, weight problems, depression and much, much more. To be honest, you should definitely try it out. I’ve been feeling like a million bucks ever since I switched to this diet.

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